About Bounce Baque Boutique

Hi my name is Veronica, I am the owner at BBB.
 I've always wanted to start my own business and why not empower women throughout my journey? I've had a passion for this for a very long time and I finally just pushed myself to go for it - so wish me luck! I was very picky with the clothes I chose as my products. I put myself in that body type and I said - this is “Vero’s style” if I had this body that’s what I would rock! My boutique is created to be able to help women feel confident and comfortable within themselves no matter what body type they are. I also just want to motivate and encourage women who have not been feeling good within themselves OR if someone or something has made them lose their confidence and or self esteem.
My Message - If this is you - QUEEN!!! Let me just tell you that no matter what you wear YOU will ROCK it!! Why? Because you are BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT just the way you are. So girl!!! Fix your crown, lift your head up and never let anyone or anything bring you down!! Show them that you CAN and you WILL BOUNCE BAQUE stronger and better than ever! 
I hope you ladies enjoy my small online boutique and the meaning behind it 💕
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